Associazione Amici dei restauri

The Associazione Amici dei Restauri was established in Morcote on 22 November 2007.

The association aims to raise awareness, preserve and promote the monumental complex of Morcote’s historic centre, with a particular focus on safeguarding and restoring these cultural assets.

In greater detail, the association’s objectives can be summed up as follows:


  • Sharing historical and architectural knowledge about the religious and secular buildings that comprise the monumental complex of Morcote.
  • Raising funds to make a longstanding contribution to the maintenance costs and to actively support restoration campaigns involving buildings, statues, frescoes and decorations that make up the monumental complex of Morcote.
  • Working with the municipal authority, the cantonal and federal organisations to safeguard, promote restoration work and maintain the integrity and prestige of these cultural assets, providing advice, personal assistance and financial support.
  • Working with foundations or associations with the same objective of defending and safeguarding cultural assets.
  • Collecting any bequests or donations intended for the preservation and promotion of the monuments, artworks, churches, oratories and buildings within the monumental complex of Morcote.
  • Promoting cultural and social actions and manifestations that can contribute to raising awareness among the general public about the history and characteristics of the buildings and artworks in the monumental complex of Morcote.
  • Contributing in general and with every possible means to all activities that help to promote the safeguarding and restoration of the aforementioned assets.

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