Municipal Council

The municipal council is the municipality’s executive body and is elected every four years. In Morcote, the executive body is comprised of five members and headed by the mayor.

The municipality’s various activities are divided into departments headed by a specific municipal councillor. The departments are assigned during the constitutional convention.

The municipal council meetings are headed by the mayor or, in his/her absence, by the deputy mayor.

The municipal council generally meets once a week.


Its main duties are summed up below (non-comprehensive list).


1. General duties:

  • carrying out the tasks conferred by law for the implementation of the decisions adopted by the assembly or town council,
  • municipal administration,
  • establishing provisions to protect the interests of the municipality,
  • keeping the civil registers and all the municipality’s other registers up to date.


2. Local policing duties:

  • keeping the peace and order,
  • repressing manifestly illegal or illicit activities,
  • safeguarding public health and hygiene,
  • measures designed to manage municipal assets and control traffic within the municipal territory,
  • functions devolved to municipal councils by cantonal and federal legislation.


3. Administrative duties:

  • preparing budgets and final accounts,
  • calculating the tax multiplier,
  • collecting taxes and debts,
  • using capital,
  • appointing municipal employees,
  • implementing municipal regulations,
  • administering municipal-run companies and municipal assets,
  • issuing certificates.
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Composition of the municipal council


Giacomo Caratti - PLR



Public building

Transport, roads, navigation


Drinking water company

Local planning

Deputy mayor

Ercole Levi - PLR


Finance and taxes

Multistorey car park company

Social security

Municipal council member

Caterina Hörtig - PLR


Monuments, Church, cemetery


Sport and leisure

Environmental protection

Municipal council member

Jürg Schwerzmann - PLR


Private building

Public order and safety, defence

Public economy, tourism

Municipal council member

Marco Brughera - Unione socialisti e indipendenti




Refuse, recycling

Municipal council deputies

Rita Colombo, Franco Ghidoni - PLR

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